Bespoke Autos exists to help you save time, money and hassle on most any vehicle transaction, whether new or used, lease or purchase. Our expert advice, derived from having helped people purchase, lease and sell literally thousands of vehicles—and having saved them literally over $1 million in the past 25 years—is put to service here. We help you avoid the common mistakes made when obtaining a new or used automobile, or attempting to get the most possible for the one you have now. Our staff has over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the auto business: new, used, lease, purchase, retail and wholesale, that we leverage to help you.


We help insure you don’t waste your precious free time chasing down vehicles, or “deals,” that aren’t what the look like online. Since we can get most any type of vehicle—new or used—we also provide unbiased input to help you get the best car truck or SUV for your needs. “Bespoke” simply means custom tailored. We apply it to the automotive business.


We leverage our contacts and volume buying power to get you excellent pricing on new and used vehicles, make sure you get the most for a trade-in and can help you obtain the best financing (either purchase or lease) the market has to offer.


We handle the negotiation. Any hassling that needs to take place with dealers to insure you get the best price and level of service is part of our remit. Hassling our clients isn’t.


Bespoke Autos can help with most all kinds of automotive need, including:


Bespoke Autos leverages the fleet discounts we get as a high-volume buyer to obtain the kind of pricing with a single phone call that can takes days and weeks of negotiation for consumers. Average dealer profits (per publicly disclosed numbers from large dealership groups) average $3,000-3,900 per transaction including “products” sold in their finance offices. Our margins are one third to half this, which translates into real, on the road savings for you.


The extensive, national network of trusted sources we’ve developed over three decades allows us to find excellent cars, trucks and SUVs for you, and pass on the savings we get since we buy wholesale. We have every vehicle thoroughly inspected to insure it is a safe investment for you.


A lease, done correctly, can allow you to save 30 to 40 percent off your payment, while also insuring you are protected against unanticipated expenses caused by market and fuel cost fluctuations. A lease should be equated to rent-to-own contracts in real estate, since you have the option to buy the vehicle at its depreciated, end of lease value—not as a strict rental, where you walk away with nothing. Also, the negative impact on vehicle value that comes with accidents or hail can be mitigated to large degree by leasing. However, it is easy for retail dealers to build in extra profit to a lease. Bespoke Auto’s vast experience in retail and custom-designed leases for consumers, municipalities and law enforcement insures that you can have all the benefits of leasing without the downsides.


Bespoke Autos’ network of lending contacts means we can help anyone, with most any credit history, get the best rates possible. Most people don’t know that dealers get discounted rates from banks and credit unions (since they originate large volumes of loans); we can pass on much of the savings from this to you.


Bespoke Autos can help you sell your car, and by taking advantage of the way sales tax credits are assessed in many states—including Colorado—often sell your vehicle faster, and for more, than you could on your own. Alternatively, we can simply purchase for inventory or find buyers for most any used car, truck, crossover or SUV.

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